However you enjoy your Enville....

...get it the way YOU want it.

A MiniKeg of 5 litres of Enville

5 litre Mini-Keg

and to keep your Enville cool...

A KoolKeg to keep your 5 litres of Enville cool for hours

The Enville KoolKeg
Keep your favourite Enville ale cool all day for just 7.50. Specially designed to encase our awesome 5 litre mini-keg and reduce warming to less than one degree per hour. Order yours today.

A box of Enville on tap at home

18 pint and 36 pint boxes that will make your party go down as well as the ale!

A Barrel of Enville at home - Heaven!

Go the whole hog with a 72 pint cask*

A pint of Enville please

and you can even have your own Enville branded glasses...

HAVING A PARTY or special event?

Enjoy Enville Ales at home or to take with you to a party

Someone You Know would LOVE a Pack of 3 Enville Ales - 8.50

A Great Gift for the Enville Lover

Bottled Ales: in gift boxes - collection only.
Add a glass or an Enville Bottle-Opener Key Ring for just 1.50 (normally 2.00 each) - 10 total.

You can have any combination of our three favourite winter ales - Ale, Ginger and Gothic - and our new craft ale: American Pale Ale - in your pack, subject to availability.
Also available in a pack of eight (not boxed). Mix as you like - while stocks last.

Order Now: Tel. 01384 873728
N.B. Collection ONLY!

Order Your Ale for collection from the brewery - Call us on 01384 873728. You can order as little as 5 litres / 9 pints!

Collecting from the brewery: How To Find Us

Choose from: Enville Ale (ABV 4.5%), Enville White (4.2), Enville Ginger (4.6), Enville Gothic (5.2), Cherry Blonde (4.2) Ginger Gothic (5.2) or our Festive Special; "Blizzard" (6.5%) and American Pale Ale (4.3).
See 'Our Ales' for tasting notes.


5 litre (almost 9pints) mini keg:
Ales under 5% ABV - £20.00.
Ales over 5% ABV - £22.00        
18 pints - £38.30   in box    
36 pints - £62.60   in box    
72 pints - from £94.99 in cask* depending on ABV%
All prices inc. VAT @ 20% -
Collection from brewery only.
Add 10% for re-racked 'Bright' ready to drink
beer - subject to availability.

Please note: Order at least one working day before collection and, unless ordering 'Bright' ale, allow 48 hours for sediment to settle following transportation. Lasts for up to 3 weeks when kept cool (10-12°). N.B. 'Bright' Ale is supplied sediment-free, ready to drink and keeps for up to 5 days when kept cool (10-12°).
*£60 cask deposit applies.

£2 each or a box of 12 for just £20. Only available when you collect from the brewery. You can mix sizes too (e.g. 8 half and 4 full pint glasses).

Use a  hand pump to enjoy Enville at home the way it should be - available when you collect from the brewery PLUS for larger volume orders, why not Hire a Hand Pump
high quality cask dispensing. Contact us for details.

Enville Brewery

Hollies Lane, Cox Green,
Nr. Stourbridge,
West Midlands DY7 5LG
Tel. 01384 873728
Fax: 01384 873770