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Enville announce Tap House at The Queen's Head, High Street, Wordsley

Enville announce Tap House at The Waggon & Horses, Worcester Street, Stourbridge

Stourbridge Rugby club Beer Fest 10-08

Foresters wins pub of the season

Glass festival bar 08-08

To Bee or Not To Bee? - The Wollaston Fun Run

Launch of Dragons Den at Robin Hood 03-08

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The Opening of The Waggon & Horses Enville Tap House

To celebrate the opening of the Waggon & Horses as our Stourbridge Tap House Enville directors joined landlord Carlos to serve a selection of SIX Enville brews to regulars and invited guests on December 5th. Here's a brief look at how the opening went with a swing.

Enville Directors Jerry Hedges and Peter Isherwood join landlord Carlos Maura behind the bar at The Waggon and Horses.   It's a thumbs up for the new Enville Tap House from Carlos Maura, landlord of The Waggon and Horses in Worcester Street, Stourbridge Jerry, Carlos and Peter raise a toast to the new Tap House at The Waggon and Horses   Jerry and Peter raise a glass to the new Tap House - Carlos was back behind the bar by this time!

The opening of the Tap HOuse was celebrated with a great buffet and excellent music.   Carlos opens the doors to his new Enville Tap HOuse with Jerry and Peter wetting the baby's head.

Carlos gets the regulars in on the act to celebrate the opening of the Tap House.   The CAMRA crew show their appreciation for a wide selection of Enville ales.

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