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Enville announce Tap House at The Queen's Head, High Street, Wordsley

Enville announce Tap House at The Waggon & Horses, Worcester Street, Stourbridge

Stourbridge Rugby club Beer Fest 10-08

Foresters wins pub of the season

Glass festival bar 08-08

To Bee or Not To Bee? - The Wollaston Fun Run

Launch of Dragons Den at Robin Hood 03-08

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The International Festival of Glass August 2008

This biannual event which Enville support by not only running the bar at The Glasshouse in Wollaston, but also brew a special ale for the festival, brings around 10,000 people into the area to savour the magic of the glassmaker's art - and the distinctive taste of Enville Ales!

The IFG centrepiece - a pyramid of painted bottles - in the Glasshouse courtyard with the Enville Bar in the background   L to R: Proud Aussie Damien Decann (glassblower - and dedicated Fosters drinker!), Kevin Barry (glasscutter) and Dean Hopkins (glassmaker) get hooked on the Egyptian Gold Festival Ale in the Enville Bar  
Owen takes a fancy to an interesting piece in the British Glass Biennale   Owen (centre) admiring an unusual granite and glass sculpture in the International Sculpture Garden at the Glass festival 
Jerry, Jill, Kay and Malcolm take a well earned break from bar duty during the Glass Festival  

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