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Enville's Ginger Beer took first prize at the West Bromwich Beer Festival at The Public in April 09

Enville announce Tap House at The Queen's Head, High Street, Wordsley

Enville announce Tap House at The Waggon & Horses, Worcester Street, Stourbridge

Stourbridge Rugby club Beer Fest 10-08

Glass festival bar 08-08

To Bee or Not To Bee? - The Wollaston Fun Run

Launch of Dragons Den at Robin Hood 03-08

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A Little Bit of History

Enville Brewery takes its name from and has a long association with the small village of Enville in South Staffordshire.

The original brewery in Enville village, based at The Stamford Arms Hotel, ceased production in 1919 due to loss of manpower in the war. On the Stamford Estate, now known as the Enville Estate, the men at that time received tokens as part of their wages which could be cashed at the brewery for the appropriate volume of beer.

The Stamford Arms Hotel which stood behind the Cat Inn, had been built by the then Lord Stamford in 1856-7 in time for a fete and cricket festival in the grounds of Enville Hall which had attracted growing numbers of visitors in the previous few years after Lord Stamford had begun opening the gardens to the public. The hotel was eventually demolished after the second world war in 1950.

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The new brewery, which was established by Mr H. Constantine-Cort in 1992 and began producing Enville Ale the following year, was established some one and a half miles from the original site and draws its brewing liquor from the same source, the original extraction warrant being granted in 1908 by The House of Lords. The new brewery was constructed on a derelict farm known locally as the hamlet of Cox Green.

Enville Ale, which represents more than 50% of the output of over 80 barrels per week, is one of the highly specialised beers produced on the site, the original recipe dating back to approximately 1850 and originating from the proprietors' great-great-aunt who lived in Cumbria. It would have been traditionally described as Beekeepers Ale.

In addition to a local delivery service, Enville is pleased to be working with a small number of caring and knowledgeable cask ale distributors to ensure their award-winning ales reach real ale aficionados in perfect condition. Enville has also established reliable supply logistics with two of the UK's leading Pubcos.

With the need for extra brewing capacity and a much higher demand for Enville's products, the current owners who purchased the brewery in 2007 are investing heavily in efficient processing equipment and carefully controlled brewery expansion.

The brewery uses the finest hops from Evesham in Worcestershire and East Kent and a variety of pure English malts to ensure consistency throughout the brewing process. Fermentation is temperature controlled and unhurried to ensure perfect conditioning and all ale is racked to order from conditioning tanks to guarantee maximum freshness and longevity.

Now, in 2011, the company is aiming to serve its customers to the highest standard and make the name Enville synonymous with quality ale throughout the UK.

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