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Enville at The House of Commons

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Enville's Ginger Beer took second prize at the Stourbridge Beer Festival May 09

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Enville Goes Down A treat at the House of Commons Stranger's Bar.

Enville Ale has become one of the top selling beers in the House of Commons Stranger's Bar. Yesterday, Jerry Hedges and Peter Isherwood of Enville Brewery joined Gavin Williamson MP, who had nominated the beer as a guest ale, in Westminster as they launched the beer in the House of Commons. Speaking to the staff in the Strangers Bar they were delighted to hear that this is the most popular pint on sale at the moment. Strangers Staff put this down to its drinkability and it being a very balanced pint. Gavin Williamson MP is hoping that it will not cause any fights in the bar as have occurred in the past.

Commenting on Enville Ale’s debut Jerry Hedges said: "Everyone at the brewery felt honoured and proud to represent the region by supplying our award winning Enville Ale to the prestigious House of Commons Strangers Bar. It was a real privilege to attend the launch".

Peter Isherwood said: "It is very rewarding to learn that locally produced Enville Ale was such a success in London where it is virtually unknown. We are very grateful to Mr Williamson for his support for manufacturing businesses within the local constituency".

Enville Ale will be on sale in the Stranger's Bar until the current supply runs out. The Stranger's Bar likes to put the finest ales in the land on sale as guest ales to showcase them in the House of Commons. Gavin Williamson MP said: "It is great to have Enville Ale on sale in the House of Commons as it is a fantastic showcase for local produce and it is also great to see it selling so incredibly well. I was delighted to hear that it is such a popular pint in the bar".

Enville Ales met with Gavin Williamson MP in 2010 shortly after he was elected MP for South Staffordshire. The directors have found him understanding and enthusiastic with regard to all forms of business in South Staffordshire and despite their small company status he has provided help and support in a number of ways over the past 18 months.

Gavin Williamson MP pulls a pint of Enville flanked by Enville Directors Peter Isherwood(L) and Jerry Hedges(R) in the House of Commons Stranger's Bar.

Despite a hectic diary in both Westminster and the local constituency Gavin always seems to find time to return a call, pass on a useful contact or most importantly, deliver on his promises. One of those promises was to recommend Enville Ale to the Stranger's Bar in the House of Commons and sure enough last Monday, award winning Enville Ale, went on sale in Westminster and Peter and Jerry had the great pleasure of meeting with Gavin to toast it's success in the legendary bar. Thankfully there were no fights just praises for the quality and taste of Enville Ale from all who had assembled.

Spare a thought and raise a glass to Richard Pengelly and the cellar and bar team at the Stranger's bar in the House of Commons. Their's is a most demanding task of not only show casing fine ales from around the country but maintaining each and every one of them in prime condition for the inevitable visit and inspection by the supplying brewery. They really keep their ales in superb condition which ensured that the pints that were sampled outside on the tranquil Thamesside terrace were in absolute perfect condition and this was after the ale had left Enville some 19 days previously and travelled to London via 3 wholesalers. Special thanks to Brewers Wholesale, RCH and Flying Firkin for looking after the 'goods in transit'.

After a break for a traditional afternoon 'cream tea' Peter and Jerry were also given a personal tour around the parliamentary buildings which included the opportunity to listen to a debate from a private gallery directly above the opposition benches. The brewery are extremely grateful to Gavin Williamson MP for his support and in particular the precious time he afforded us during our most enjoyable visit.

Please remember to drink responsibly and leave licensed premises quietly respecting others in the neighbourhood. Our tip, 'Always Take a Taxi', we do.