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Enville Porter is best in class
CAMRA's Best in W.Mids

Ginger Gothic wins best in show at Dudley Winter Ales Fayre

Our Latest Brews are Now available

Enville help launch new Stewponey Bar at Stourbridge Rugby Club

Enville's Ginger Beer took second prize at the Stourbridge Beer Festival May 09

Enville's Ginger Beer took first prize at the West Bromwich Beer Festival at The Public in April 09

Enville announce Tap House at The Queen's Head, High Street, Wordsley

Enville announce Tap House at The Waggon & Horses, Worcester Street, Stourbridge

Stourbridge Rugby club Beer Fest 10-08

Glass festival bar 08-08

To Bee or Not To Bee? - The Wollaston Fun Run

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American Pale Ale now available
Enville American Pale Ale by Stourton Brewing Co.
Enville Ales have launched Stourton Brewing Co. to introduce a different style of ales to address the rapidly increasing demand for ‘craft style’ beers incorporating ‘New World’ ingredients and using new brewing and conditioning techniques.

Stourton Brewing Co’s first new beer, American Pale Ale, is an authentic American style beer, creamy, smooth and bursting with citrusy aroma and flavour and features a trio of America’s finest hops, Magnum, Cascade, and Chinook.

For many people Enville’s ‘honey bee’ logo subconsciously creates a slightly sweet taste expectation and previous attempts to launch a more citrusy hoppy style of beer have been greeted with a degree of ‘surprise’ which is why we have decided to create the new brand Stourton Brewing Co”.

If you do get a chance to try our new APA please ‘Contact Us’ and let us know what you think.

Landlord Dan Wilkes and Barmaid Lily Tandy W&H  
Photo: Local Landlord Dan Wilkes and barmaid Lily
Tandy at the Waggon & Horses in Worcester Street,
Stourbridge prepare to serve their customers with a
pint of American Pale Ale at the launch in March 2017.

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