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Enville Make Light Work of Managing the Beer Festival at Lightwoods Park May Day Festival

Lightwoods Park festival   Lightwoods Park festival

We had a great May Day Festival in Bearwood (we now call it 'Beerwood'), where over 20,000 people enjoyed a rare HOT May Bank Holiday in the park entertained by wonderful musicians, dancers, Strongmen and so much more with Enville providing a 'real ale bar' offering a wide range of local ales. It was almost TOO successful with some ales running out well before our 'sell-by date' and re-stocking going on throughout the afternoon. Those who sampled some of the ales for the first time kept coming back for more and with a couple of pubs in the Birmingham area already in contact for regular supply it looks like we'll need to arrange a new weekly van run East of the M5. 

We weren't alone and would like to thank Ian, Dave and Carol from Kinver Brewery, famous for their 'Over The Edge' bitter and brewers of the festival's popular 'Strongman' (6.3%!), for sharing the load and helping make the day a truly successful event for local breweries. Our thanks too to Richard Marshall and his volunteers from Team Bearwood, Bob, Tony, Cherie from Sandwell, Eddy and Luke for bringing the 'Enville' bus and of  course a couple of dedicated CAMRA volunteers. From loading our van at 7.30am to getting back at 9.30pm we felt privileged to be involved with such a passionate, hard-working, group of folks. 40 casks sold out in just 7 hours. Brilliant!

Here's what the organisers had to say:
"A giant thank you to Enville Brewery and Kinver Ales for virtually organising the bar area for us. Jerry from Enville came over from Stourbridge 3 or 4 times to advise, help and encourage us, and we just could not have run the real ale festival without him. His Lightwoods Ale is now legendary."

Here are a range of photos showing how much fun was had at this fantastic event in a hot Lightwoods Park, Bearwood in May... 

Lightwoods Park Festival   Lightwoods Park Festival
Basking in the sun near the Enville bus.   An overview of the scene at the park

Lightwoods Park Festival   Lightwoods Park Festival
The queue for ale grows and grows       The crowd enjoys the live music

Lightwoods Park Festival   Lightwoods Park Festival
There were alternatives to our ale!         Something for all the family

Lots more photos of the day can be found on the BEARWOOD BLOG HERE

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