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Enville's Ginger Beer took first prize at the Stourbridge Beer Festival in May 2010

Cleobury Mortimer Beer Festival

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Ginger Gothic wins best in show at Dudley Winter Ales Fayre

In memory of Carlos Mendes Moura

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Enville help launch new Stewponey Bar at Stourbridge Rugby Club

Enville's Ginger Beer took second prize at the Stourbridge Beer Festival May 09

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Enville Brew House Ale for The Shovel Inn, Lye...

Enville Ales Three Lions
...to celebrate having served 2000 different ales since 2006

and you can see them all on the Shovel's 'Rale Ale Wall'

Landlord Steve Hopkins is celebrating serving 2,000 different real ales at the Shovel in Lye since 2006 and launching the pub’s own House Ale, Shovelicious to mark the achievement.

Steve has long wanted his ‘own-branded’ ale since he began displaying the pump badge depicting each ale that had been served at his pub on the Shovel’s legendary ‘Rale Ale’ wall. (Real Ale Wall but Steve is from the Black Country)

Constantly evolving the Shovel with new facilities, building a new kitchen, delivering unique food offerings and looking after 27 draught beers including 12 cask brands; Steve was so busy he decided he would defer his House Ale project until he had served 2,000 different ales since his tenure at the Shovel began.

That amazing milestone has finally been reached after 12 years of scouring the cask ale market to bring his loyal customers new and exciting ales.

Steve decided to collaborate with Enville Brewery who have been regular suppliers (Enville Ale, Enville Ginger and seasonal brews) for many years. Enville set about crafting a state-of-the-art, session beer with a zesty, grapefruit aroma and citrusy hop notes without the bitter after taste many drinkers find spoils the experience. This 2001st real ale at the Shovel is finally ready and to mark the momentous achievement Steve is launching his new beer, Shovelicious, on Friday evening, August 17th where his customers will have their first chance to sample a tipple and enjoy the Shovel’s infamous Street Food in a party-like atmosphere.

The party will continue all day on Saturday August 18th with more Street Food, a speciality Pimms and Prosecco Bar, plenty of Shovelicious and 26 other draught beers. On Saturday evening there will be live music from The Shaded Squares who will be performing their latest single aptly titled ‘Happy Again’

Hope to see you there.