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Enville help launch new Stewponey Bar at Stourbridge Rugby Club

Enville's Ginger Beer took second prize at the Stourbridge Beer Festival May 09

Enville's Ginger Beer took first prize at the West Bromwich Beer Festival at The Public in April 09

Enville announce Tap House at The Queen's Head, High Street, Wordsley

Enville announce Tap House at The Waggon & Horses, Worcester Street, Stourbridge

Stourbridge Rugby club Beer Fest 10-08

Glass festival bar 08-08

To Bee or Not To Bee? - The Wollaston Fun Run

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Cherry Blonde - A continental flavour with a crisp dry bite   Ginger Gothic - The Winner at the 2009 Dudley Winter Ales Fayre   Enjoy a festive pint of Slayed  

Cherry Blonde meets Ginger Gothic
...and then (as it was Christmas) we all got Slayed!

Yes, it's all happening at once - you wait months for a new Enville ale and then THREE come along all together. You'll be spoilt for choice this festive season and the fun starts early when we launch our TWO brand new ales at the Dudley Winter Ales Fayre on Thursday November 26th. Followed on December 7th by our seasonal brew, Slayed, which of course isn't new at all - but has been eagerley awaited since last December by those with a taste for something with a festive edge. Come and try them for yourselves. There's bound to be one you'll love.

A light blonde bitter delicately infused with essence of Cherry to produce a Belgian-style fruit flavoured beer. The aroma and taste surpass expectation whilst the bitter finish is dry, hoppy and refreshing. As featured in the Express and Star (see story), Cherry Blonde made its debut at the Dudley Winter Ales Fayre at Dudley’s Concert Hall on Thursday 26th November along with....

Strong dark ale made from black malt, a selection of specialised sugars and extract of ginger. The ingredients combine to produce a memorable, stout-like beer with a distinctive taste of ginger and lurking hints of honey adding to the roundness of the fulsome flavour. This ale was commissioned by Dudley and Staffordshire CAMRA members for their 2009 Dudley Winter Ales Fayre.
Ginger Gothic was also named Best in Show at the Dudley Winter Ales Fayre on November 28th.

Specially brewed for the festive period, Slayed is a medium coloured mid-strength well balanced bitter enhanced with a hint of spiced rum to put you in the festive mood. Slayed is perfect for those who prefer drier tasing ale and has become a real Christmas favourite in recent years. Limited stocks so order early.
Available from Monday 7th December 2009

A little background to these two new ales...

Cherry Blonde came about after a trip to Bruges and a whole weekend tasting various fruit beers. We had some kind help from a local Belgium brewer who gave some good advice regarding nose, taste and how to avoid colour tainting and also about the interaction between cherry and hop flavours. The CAMRA team who tasted said they were impressed and that like 'Ronseal' it 'did what it said on the tin' in that the ale was a fresh blonde beer that smelt and tasted of cherries. Emily, the beatiful young lady who features on the pump clip is a model who also serves Enville's products in the evening at her local pub.

Ginger Gothic was the brainchild of Dudley and South Staffordshire CAMRA members.
Having tasted and selected the Cherry Blonde for their Winter Ales Fayre this year they were concerned that they could only budget for one other beer from Enville Ales and that gave them a problem with conflicting preferences for Gothic which is of course currently in season and the award winning speciality beer, Enville Ginger. It was suggested if they ordered a Kilderkin could we mix a Firkin of Ginger and a Firkin of Gothic in the one 18 gallon cask. After much deliberation we rejected this idea for a number of reasons including the unpredictable outcome from mixing Maris Otter with Black Malt.

We decided to try processing the Black Malt Gothic wort through our infusion machine to introduce the gingering prior to the copper boil. This and a bit more tweaking with ginger syrup in the conditioning tank produced a sample that delighted the Dudley and South Staffordshire CAMRA team and surprised the sceptics amongst us at the brewery! The process has been documented and Ginger Gothic is now ready for production for their festival.

Please drink all our products responsibly

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