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Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions, if you are unable to find what you’re looking for please give us a buzz!


Can I have my order delivered?
Orders placed via our online shop can be delivered to Mainland England and Wales addresses. Any delivery of beer to a home address must be accepted and signed for by a person of at least 18 years of age. Proof of age may be requested.
What can I have delivered?
Currently only bottles and merchandise are available to purchase online. Mini-kegs and polypins are currently collection only, as they must be kept at constant temperatures.
When can I expect my order?
Any orders placed after 10am will be dispatched the following day.
During peak times, e.g. Christmas, dispatch can be up to 2 working days. 
Bottled beer: 1-2 working days from the day you order. Orders are sent by overnight fragile courier service Monday – Friday, excl Bank Holidays. We are not responsible for any delays from the courier. If you wish to upgrade to a Saturday delivery please contact the brewery directly at info@envilleales.com.
Spirits: A single bottle of gin or rum can be delivered by standard delivery (Royal Mail 2nd class) or via courier (1-2 working days). Multiple bottles will be sent via courier.
Merchandise: Royal Mail 2nd Class (2-4 working days)
What can I have delivered?
Bottled beer: Orders containing bottled beer up to 24 bottles (20kg) will cost £13.00.
As orders increase with size and weight, delivery cost will increase in line with our courier’s charges.
Spirits: Standard delivery for single bottle orders is £5. 1-2 working day courier delivery for a single bottle is £8. Multiple bottle orders will be £13 for courier
Merchandise: £3.50
We are aware that our postage and packaging charges may seem high!
Unfortunately this is currently the lowest we can charge for overnight fragile liquid courier service. We have to make sure your bottles arrive safe and sound!
What should I do if I have an issue with my order or want to cancel my order?
If you have experienced any issues with your order or wish to cancel please send an email to info@envilleales.com. For details on our refund policy please *click here*

Click & Collect

Can I collect my order from the brewery?
Yes orders can be collected directly from the brewery! We are open Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm, and Friday 9am-3pm for collection. Orders can be placed via our online shop, via email at info@envilleales.com or by phone at 01384 873728.
Do you have a shop?
When you visit the brewery you can purchase goods from our brewery office, however we don’t currently have a shop that allows you to browse through all of our products; we therefore recommend checking our online shop before you visit!
What can I collect?
Our entire range of bottles, mini-kegs, polypins and merchandise can be collected from the brewery. Please note mini-kegs, polypins and casks are collection only and cannot be delivered to a home address.
Do I need to pre-order or can I just turn up?
We always have plenty of bottles, cans and spirits in stock which do not require pre-ordering. Mini-kegs, polypins and casks need to be pre- ordered (1 working days notice) via our online shop or phone 01384 873728. Please note at least 2 working days notice will be needed during busy periods such as Bank Holidays and Christmas.
What is the click & collect procedure?
Orders placed via the online shop will be at the collection point located at the base of the office stairs, at your chosen 15 minute time slot. If there is already someone at the collection point or being served by a member of staff, please wait until it is your turn.
If your order is not at the collection point press the doorbell and head up the stairs to the brewery office. We ask that any COVID measures such as mask wearing are adhered to when entering our brewery office.
Can I change my collection time?
If you need to rearrange your collection time please contact us as soon as possible by phone or email.

Beer Care

What is bright beer?
Bright beer is beer that has been filtered to remove the sediment. This means that it is ready to drink and does not need to be settled. We recommend collecting as close as possible to the day it will be opened, and consuming within 5 days of the day of collection.
Should I choose cask-conditioned or bright beer?
Cask-conditioned beer, which still has the sediment, needs to be settled in a cool (10-12 ̊C) place for 1-2 days prior to drinking, and should not be moved once settled. Unopened cask conditioned beer has a use-by of 4 weeks. Once opened, the beer will be at its freshest for the first 3-4 days. If this does not suit your needs… we recommend bright beer! Bright beer does not need to be settled, and can be moved as much as needed – ideal if you’re travelling or have a last-minute party! Bright beer should be consumed within 5 days of the day of collection.
How do I use and look after my mini-keg?
For diagrams showing how to use your mini-keg *click here*. Our mini-kegs are temperature-sensitive, therefore it is important to keep them at 10-12 ̊C at all times to avoid the beer spoiling. Keep away from heat sources such as central heating and direct sunlight. Once opened, finish within 3-5 days. Closing the air vent after pouring will help maintain freshness.
How do I use and look after my polypin?
Our boxes for bright beer have a Vitop tap – simply break the tab and press to pour the beer. Boxes for cask-conditioned beer have a twist to pour tap. Our polypins are temperature sensitive, therefore it is important to keep them at 10 – 12 ̊C at all times to avoid the beer spoiling. Keep away from heat sources such as central heating and direct sunlight. Once opened, finish within 3-5 days.
How do I set up and look after my cask?
Your cask will be supplied with a tap, a hard peg, soft peg and a bung. One of our team members can give you a demonstration on how to set up your cask when you collect your beer. Casks need to be kept at 10-12 ̊C, away from heat sources such as central heating and direct sunlight. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns regarding looking after your beer.


Your logo… is it a bee or a wasp?
The question that has caused many debates in pubs across the Midlands for the last 28 years… our logo is in fact a honey bee! Whilst they are often mistaken for wasps, honey bees are much less aggressive and produce honey…which we wouldn’t be here without!
Do you do brewery tours?
Due to (very exciting!) planned works in the brewery and COVID delays, tours are currently on hold. We hope to have them up and running once again in 2024.
I’m having a party, what services do you provide?
We offer casks of beer up to 40 litres (approx 72 pints) in size and hire out hand pulls that attach to casks, to give that proper pub finish on your pint. Casks and hand pulls are collection only – we do not offer delivery or set up of the equipment. Each cask and hand pull hired will have a £60 deposit, refundable on return of our equipment undamaged. We ask that any hired equipment is returned within 2 weeks.
Are your beers vegan friendly?
Our beers are currently NOT suitable for vegans as we use traditional finings to clear all our beers, as well as use honey in a multiple of our brews

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